Gaming platform GFN.RU
GeForce Now cloud gaming system for CIS users
It is being developed by the DCloud team in partnership with a well-known Russian venture fund and Nvidia.

The cloud gaming service allows you to play modern top and at the same time demanding games on any computer, laptop, Macbook, smartphone, or a gaming console. It can even be a slow ten-year-old netbook or Macbook. The effect is that all downloaded and installed games run on an NVIDIA server with powerful video display cards, and the user's device serves only to transfer the image. Servers also collect, store and analyze all user data.

About the project
The project provider in the Russian and CIS markets is Tele2. More than 1 billion roubles of investment
GFN.RU is NVIDIA's exclusive partner for the development of the GeForce Now platform in Russia and the CIS
System design architectural concept is MSA/DDD
Billing and loyalty subsystems implemented from scratch, which are now used as structural blocks for other projects
A flexible partnership has been implemented by API for ROSETELECOM, ONLIME, MTS, BEELINE
Integrations with mindbox, admitad and payment gateways have been developed
Withstood and Survived CYBERPUNK
Successful work with stringent requirements for system availability, reliability and scalability
Small, efficient team maintaining over 30 microservices and 300+ thousand lines of code
First of all, it is a continuously developing and marketable project
The MVP was developed from scratch and launched within five months
Key outcome
GeForce NOW - is an opportunity to forget about hardware upgrades and lack of hard drive space
in the library currently, and the library is constantly growing
Available games
Technology stack
Team Lead
Product Owner
Backend Developers
Frontend Developers
System Analysts
Business Analysts
UI/UX experts
QA engineers
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