Dcloud — is a team
of independent
We work to get things done and we run our own show
Using the MSA/DDD patterns allows you to build loosely coupled systems with a back-end component independent release cycle. Services perform an isolated business function and interact with other systems through synchronous and asynchronous links
This principle opens up additional opportunities and benefits to achieve the desired time to market, fast customization, development parallelism, change and complexity cost control, however, it requires additional expertise and professionalism of the team
The vast majority of projects are based on microservice architecture as the default solution
Currently, we are providing services for information systems development on a turnkey basis, from UI / UX, web / mobile design stages on down to the backend part and DevSecOps process automation
More than 150 people work in our team
The range of our interests covers:
Focus on customer satisfaction and needs, attention to detail and quality attract customers who are disillusioned and tired of the "assembly-line approach"
We can be compared to an IT boutique or a manufacture set against the "factories" of high rollers
Despite the relatively small staff of about 150 people, we do not compete with web studios, 1C vendors and companies focused on "selling heads"
Specializing in industrial business solutions, we work hand in hand with the largest integrators and consulting companies
we have been engaged in the development of loaded distributed systems
We are conservative in the choice of employees, we do not like toxic growth and silos
are Seniors with 8+ years of work experience having witnessed implementations and Production
of our staff are people who reveal potential for rapid growth and who are actively developed by us
Personal comfort and freedom, mutual honesty, "partnership" relationship and do not like corporate bullshit
We value
The following is significant for us:
Freedom in decision-making
Continuous development
Independence in time management
Opportunity to work with professionals on a modern technology stack
Our HR assets
None of us is
Java/JS Champions
Сommitters in large international opensource projects
Founders of the largest Telegram groups (pro.jvm) and large-scale startups

Chronic introverts for whom face-to-face communication is stressful
22-year-old Team Leads
Winners of the National Mathematics competitions
An important leader, far from "simple" engineers
A snob
An inadequate person
A ballast
Peculiarities of work
Work under a Contract (IE/self-employment)
Ability to choose a comfortable schedule from 8:00 to 00:00, including weekends
Work and timesheeting in Atlassian products. The work is carried out in various Agile implementations - Scrum/Kanban
Focus on long-term cooperation and development - we are not looking for people for a couple of months
Lack of total control, focus on mutual honesty, focus on the outcome, not the process
Small cross-functional teams ("2 pizza" team)
Hourly pay, no unpaid overtime
A lot of contractors work 8+ hours a day, but we don't like to "squeeze" people, and we are no strangers to the burnout problem
Typical positions
QA expert (Automation, Manual)
Analyst (System/Business)
DevSecOps engineer
UI/UX expert
Player Coach, Backend/Fullstack Developer, an Experienced Senior with Additional Manager responsibilities
Team Lead
A person with strong soft skills, risk management and customer expectation skills, deep technical competencies (former developer, analyst) as well as Agile skills
Product Owner
Developer (Front/Back/Mobile)