chat platform

In-house chat platform for a multidisciplinary Russian IT company with extensive experience in digitalization
IM platform is an environment that combines the chat functionality (channels, groups, P2P chats, bots) and tight integration with the customer's corporate landscape
About the project
The DCloud team developed an 'in house' solution similar to a chat platform for a well-known Russian company from scratch
In addition to p2p messaging, as well as communication in groups and channels, extension mechanisms have been implemented that allow you to interact with corporate systems directly from chats, build user interfaces, create chats/groups and channels based on the company's regular structure
a year-old Telegram functionality
SDK Bot in multiple languages
clients for mobile platforms and web
The system includes:
The solution is implemented taking into account strict requirements for load, availability and horizontal scaling

It is based on a completely self-developed core in Golang of the "message broker/distributed log" type with additional add-ons specific to chat platforms. The architecture is partially borrowed from Discord
Completely self-developed solution without legacy under the hood
Minimal revisions and refactorings
Successful use of the of poliglot programming concept, for each module of the system
Traditionally, a small team for a large project, which is possible due to modern development practices and proper architecture on the one hand, and a minimum of bureaucracy on the other
Developments formed the basis of our own product
MVP was implemented within three months, which was further implemented to a large customer as an architectural principle of system design - MSA / DDD
Key outcome
The project was implemented on the basis of the finished product Sign
Technology stack
Team Lead
Product Owner
Backend Developers
Frontend Developers
System Analysts
Business Analysts
UI/UX experts
QA engineers
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